Candy Inclusions

Baked-in Goodness That Add Flavour and Fun to Your Products

Whether you’re looking for pieces, bits, or crumbs to add to ice cream or bake into or onto your confections, Imperial Flavours can match your product with the right candy inclusion to create a scrumptious taste experience. Our delicious ingredients provide a “just baked-in” flavour without sacrificing quality or nutrition. Our suppliers share our commitment to practices that put quality and sustainability first, bringing you a clean taste and preserved freshness in all of our products. Talk to our culinary experts today. We’ll come up with the perfect candy inclusion, developed to your exact specifications, with a customer experience that puts your needs first.


Let’s discuss your taste requirements, and together we’ll develop a strategy to make it happen.


Our culinary experts get to work, using the finest ingredients to bring your vision to life.


Sample delectable custom creations at a tasting session provided by our culinary experts.


Our production facilities will fulfill your requirements, and and if possible, can arrange to deliver your ingredients.

Quality You Can Taste

Our culinary experts prioritize using ingredients from reputable suppliers, enhancing the quality, aroma, and taste of our creations. You’ll experience the difference from the very first bite.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Imperial Flavours, we pride ourselves on:

  • Developing wholesome solutions to solve any need
  • Multiple tasting sessions to ensure satisfaction
  • Inclusions perfectly matched to your product
  • Seamless process focused on your goals
  • Pricing packages that suit any budget
  • Prompt development and delivery timelines

Select From:

  • Cookie or wafer bits
  • Candy pieces
  • Chocolate or vanilla bits
  • And more!

The Best Variety

We offer the best variety of top-quality products from around the world to bring you the freshest, cleanest tastes.

About Our Ingredients:

  • Sourced from reputable suppliers
  • Focused on sustainability
  • Clean, fresh, and delicious

for Living

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Imperial Flavours, Inc. is committed to working with and supporting reputable suppliers who share our commitment to practices that put quality and sustainability first.
We prioritize using non-GMO ingredients in every culinary creation, bringing you clean-tasting products every time.

Book a tasting session!

The best way to get to know our confections is to try them yourself! Get in touch with us anytime to book a discovery call, or arrange a “tasting session” to explore ingredients and flavours that will tantalize your customers’ palates!